Binocular Project is a ongoing collaboration between artists Soyeon Jung and Hans Gindlesberger. It is a roving, site-specific work that responds to the physical, aesthetic, historical, and cultural conditions of its locations.

  • Soyeon Jung

    Soyeon Jung

    Originally from South Korea, Soyeon Jung is a multi-disciplinary artist. Her work interrogates the intimate subject of personal memory from a multicultural perspective that is rooted in her experience of being situated in between Korea and the United States.

  • Hans Gindlesberger

    Hans Gindlesberger

    Hans Gindlesberger examines how contemporary society constructs and represents concepts of place. Gindlesberger’s projects engage a range of photographic traditions and thinking in exploring our psychological relationship to simulated and actual locations.

Site #1: Buffalo Central Terminal

Site #2: Antique Architectural Circus